Hello there! I'm Lasse, a passionate UX/UI designer with a focus on visually-engaging elegant digital products with a strong user experience and a clear value proposition. 

I always strive to create relevant, engaging digital products that solve true business needs.

With experience ranging from branding, through advertising to digital experiences and entrepreneurship, I bring a palette of knowledge to apply to any given digital problem. 

So far throughout my career I have been creating digital products within a variety of different verticals such as international banking, fintech, medical, retail, health, entertainment, start-ups and many more.

Clients include Credit Suisse, 3 Mobile, United Nations, Falck, Coloplast, Kit Kat, Hewlett Packard, LUSH cosmetics, Hyatt, Kino.dk, Mozilla and many others. 

Within corporate innovation, I have been working with innovation units on a variety of very exciting, ground-breaking ideas centered around mobile apps all the way from initial conceptual stages through to execution and development with some of the largest international corporations.

To lend a helping hand, give back to the community and grow professionally, I also help local Copenhagen-based start-ups by conducting UX surgeries, going through their offering, helping out with advice on flows, ux issues etc. 

I occasionally blog on digital and design related topics. I predominantly publish my articles on Medium, but have been featured in printed magazines too in Germany and Japan, as well as on several blogs design blogs.

Do get in touch - I love to meet new people!

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